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Utah B.C.I. Concealed Firearms and NRA Instructor Phil Snyder

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Deputy and UPD Officer (Retired)

Utah DPS B.C.I. certified Concealed Firearms Instructor

Letter of recommendation below by Judge Ronald Kunz

Concealed Carry Class Utah/Firearms Instructor Phil Snyder began his law enforcement career in 1994 working as a correctional officer and moved on to work the streets.

Phil was then hired and served the community as a deputy sheriff and police officer.  Phil worked patrol and worked other assignments  including as a Field Training Officer (FTO) for the department. As an FTO, Phil trained and mentored new recruits after graduating the police academy and were hired by the department for their street training as newly hired officers.

 Phil also voluntarily completed the CIT academy after receiving training from medical doctors and certified to serve on the Crisis Intervention Team as a (CIT) officer.  In the CIT academy Phil was trained in de-escalation tactics to help mental health consumers in the community in crisis and determine best courses of actions for those in crisis. 

Phil has received numerous commendations from both crime victims he served but also from both Sheriff Jim Winder and former Sheriff Aaron Kennard, The Division Commander’s award from Sheriff Jim Winder, during his career as a police officer and deputy sheriff. Phil earned the Pistol Marksman Award with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Phil also completed the Interviews and Interrogations Institute Instructed by Carl Stincelli a detective supervisor from Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. Phil retired in good standing with department. 

Phil helped run jury trials and provided court security for various courts Phil was a court supervisor and received a letter recommendation from West Jordan Justice Court Judge Ronald Kunz. Phil is certified through the Department of Public safety as a Utah BCI concealed firearms instructor. Phil enjoys sharing his unique skillset to the law abiding members of the community attained through his training and experience learned as a Utah law enforcement officer.

2022 Phil has successfully completed The S.W.A.T. Tactics 40 hour course in his annual law enforcement training where he was trained in modern SWAT methods. If you have a special request not available on our events, reach out and let us know what we can help you out with. We are very easy to work with. See us public listings or you may contact us for questions.

Utah Concealed carry training and firearms courses for private citizens and security professionals.

We are one stop for all of your training needs

We are committed to providing you, your families and loved ones with excellent training to assist you in your concealed carry journey.  We only train law abiding citizens, to accomplish that we require our students to take our Utah concealed carry course first, before taking advantage of other training, including continuing concealed carry education through our concealed carry workshop memberships.

As a law enforcement officer to much surprise, it was common to see victims of violent assaults be Utah Concealed permit holders! I would often hear victims say they rarely, or have never carried their gun outside of their home because they didn’t feel “comfortable” in doing so attributed to a lack of training.

We at Concealed Carry Class Utah want to change that. Taking a four hour Utah Concealed Carry permit is not enough training to get you where you need to be and your primary line of defense starts with you!

We don’t just drop you after taking the Utah course. Included with your course fee will include access to our concealed carry workshops where you can receive continuing education and training in all aspects of concealed carry. That assists you in moving to the comfort level you need to be at to keep your family and loved ones safe.  We train our students focusing on the proper mindset and tactics needed to be your best. When you get to the level of comfort in which find yourself carrying on a consistent regular basis, you will be at an advantage over many and knowledge is power!

Stay safe and train for responsible carry

Utah BCI certified concealed carry firearms instructor