One Stop Utah Concealed Carry Classes

Utah B.C.I. Concealed Firearms and NRA Instructor Phil Snyder

June 2024 We launched the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course specifically designed for any armed teacher, or those that want to become a School Guardian in consistent with Utah HB369 that went into effect May 1, 2024. ANYONE is welcome to take this course that is not a teacher but wants a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit and is the Gold Standard for a Utah CFP Course;

This Initial 12-hour live fire training Course is consistent with Utah 53-22-105 School Guardian Program that includes:

A basic Pistol live fire range course that has a written test, shooting qualification and training in the safe handling, loading, unloading, storage, cleaning and selection of the right handgun, holsters and ammunition. Guns are available for rent at the gun range if you don’t own one.

In person training in the Utah laws of carry, self-defense, use force including force legally allowed by an actor carrying, storage, fed and local laws pertaining to transportation of firearms

Basic First Aid

Coordinating law enforcement responses in active threat situations

De-Escalation techniques and alternative strategies to the use of force

Mental Health Awareness Training and Crisis Intervention Training

Situational Awareness

Crime Scene preservation and Evidence techniques

**Utah BCI Concealed Firearms and NRA Instructor Phil Snyder credentials**

Utah POST certified Utah law enforcement officer since 1996 (Active)

Utah Certified Mental Health and CIT Crisis Intervention Officer since 2003

FTO Field Training officer for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Phil has received numerous commendations from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office and UPD, including the Division Commanders award by Sheriff James D. Winder for preventing a school shooting in 2006

Phil received commendations from Glen Mcdonald at the Third District Mental Health Court and his former Division Commander Chief Jon Fasset for outstanding CIT work while serving as a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Phil received attached character and employment reference from West Jordan City Justice Court Judge Ronald Kunz

Phil also provides an additional 12 hour of trainings consistent with the School Guardian Program as made into law May 1, 2024