One Stop Utah Concealed Carry Classes

Utah B.C.I. Concealed Firearms and NRA Instructor Phil Snyder

Try Before You Buy Gun Rental Class and Basic Pistol Lesson

Are you wondering what gun is right for you? Have you already purchased a gun, only to find out you are not compatible with it? Are you wanting to learn safety with a gun and how to shoot it? We offer with a try before you buy gun rental with a pistol lesson as part of the class.

Date and time:
Call, text or email for appointment.
TNT shooting range 5669 S Commerce Drive
Course Cost: 200.00 per person

Come take this fun 2 hour course and receive a basic pistol lesson with a ‘try before you buy gun rental’ from a qualified NRA certified instructor. Learn safe gun handling and the cardinal rules of handgun safety. We will teach you the fundamentals of good pistol shooting and will learn proper stance, grip, sight alignment and sight picture, trigger squeeze.

You will be allowed to rent the handgun of your choice and may rent up to two guns, which we have in stock and are very popular carry handguns with women and men. Your ammunition, range fee, eye and ear protection will be all supplied as part of the course.

You will need to pay through checkout and make a 2 hour range appointment with the instructor. This will be held at the TNT range in Murray.